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We Do It All

At Bull Creek Medical, we are here for you. Our Bull Creek practice was created with patients in mind, and our end goal is always to help you leave feeling like a healthier, refreshed and at ease version of yourself. In order to accommodate a wide variety of patient types, we offer an extensive list of healthcare services. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Call us and we will be glad to discuss your concerns. 


We Bulk bill all Pensioners, DVA card holders and Children under  16 years of age ( During normal working hours)

Bulk Billing Geriatric Specialist Visits weekly

Child Health ServicesEnsuring your child’s health and well-being is one of the most important jobs you have as a parent. We are here to help make it easier.

Family MedicineIt can be a challenge to find someplace that works for the whole family. We happily serve entire families, providing expert medical advice for your smallest and tallest members.

Skin Cancer Screening and Treatment When living and spending time in sunny Australia, it is important to be mindful of your skin. For that reason, our GP office offers skincare screening and treatment for patients of all ages.

Women’s Health Services Women’s health can pose extra challenges and threats. Our expert team of physicians is highly skilled at assisting women in reaching their optimal health.

Pre-employment Medicals

When making an appointment for a Pre-Employment Medical be sure to have all information on what is required to provide to our receptionist. Depending on what kind of industry your medical is for you may require a long appointment, or an appointment with the GP & a nurse.

Additional Services:

  • All aspects of family medicine and health checks for men, women and children.
  • Skin cancer and mole checks with treatment
  • Management of Injuries and Cuts
  • Vaccinations for children, adults and travel related
  • Antenatal and Postnatal care
  • Wound management/dressings
  • ECG, Spirometry and Nebuliser
  • Care plans for those above age 75, 45-49 yearly checks, chronic diseases, Asthma, Diabetics and Mental health plans
  • Children's health assessment.
  • Worker’s compensation
  • Medical fitness assessments
  • Counselling for mental health problems
  • Chronic disease management
  • Minor surgeries
  • Referral to specialist and allied health groups
  • After hours Services
  • Women Health - Pap Smears/Implanon management
  • Sexual Health
  • Warts Management
  • Iron Infusion

Onsite pathology open weekdays 8 30am  -2 pm.


Please call 9332 0488 for more information.

Allied Health Services

  • Clinical Psychologist, Hendrik Janong (MPsych, MAPS)

  • Audiology hearing tests.
  • Dietitian - Now available, services include nutrition advice for  Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease, Renal disease, Gut health, Coeliac disease, Eating disorders and weight management.
  • Podiatry - TBA 
  • Physiotherapy - TBA

Please call us to book your appointments with our Allied Health services.

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